Where and how do we get the indian citizenship certificate?

30 Jul 2023 Arvind Chatterjee 0 Comments

The Genesis of Indian Citizenship

By now, you might be wondering about the origin story of Indian citizenship. Well, don't you just love how I'm about to launch into story time? It's like pulling Keshav into my lap and telling him tales about brave queens and cunning demons. Sure enough, with that playful Beagle Bruno dozing at his feet. But these are no fairy tales, my friend, these are real facts.

The Indian Citizenship came into existence following the enactment of the Indian Constitution on January 26, 1950, but where's the fun in a single statement fact? If we pull ourselves back to history, we go back to 3300–1300 BCE when the Indus Valley Civilization, a citadel of peace and prosperity, was in its full glory. Fast forward to the time when India earned its Independence in 1947, and our national leaders felt the need for a solid framework that could unite the country while preserving its beautiful diversity. Thus, was born our prestigious Indian Citizenship.

Type of Indian Citizenship

Oh, yes, we do have types. It's not like choosing between flavors of ice cream, where Keshav and I can't ever agree. He's all about chocolate (a classic, isn't he?) and I can't resist a good old scoop of mango. But in the case of Indian Citizenship, there are actually five types: Citizenship by Birth, by descent, by registration, by naturalization and by incorporation of the territory. We Indians do take pride in our variety, don't we?

Does Bruno, My Beagle, Can Be A Citizen?

Alright, fine! This one is my 'dose of fun fact' section. Often I find myself musing, if friendly old Bruno, with his soft brown eyes and clumsy paws, could get the Indian citizenship. We are inseparable, after all. But no, Bruno can't be an Indian citizen. Human rights are strictly meant for humans, not pets. Even though Keshav keeps referring to Bruno as his little brother, the official procedure doesn't agree, as adorably persuasive as Keshav can be.

Procurement of Citizen Certificate

So, how do we actually get our Indian Citizenship certificate? Is there a hidden treasure map? Do we need to make that dangerous journey just as they show in films? Well, glad to tell you that it's no Herculean task! All you need is to follow a sequence of administrative functions that include registration and naturalization as prescribed by the Citizenship Act, 1955 and the Citizenship Rules, 2009. So yeah, no bitten nails, no sweating in tension. Maybe just a little while waiting your turn, but definitely, no giant boulders chasing you, à la Indiana Jones style!

Online Procedure and Document Checklist

Into the digitized world as we leap, the online application process for the Indian Citizenship Certificate is a boon. There, you can apply and submit all your documents, just remember to keep them ready: birth certificates, residential proof, two affidavits and a promise not to get angry if the internet decides to act up. The online portal is a simple, user-friendly platform, though I wish I could say the same for the assembly instruction of Keshav's latest lego set.

Offline Procedure – Cons and Pros

Yes, there is an offline procedure too. If you valiantly choose to go old school and queue up at the municipal office, hats off to you! Get a form, fill it, provide all the documents, and don't forget a book or maybe your favorite playlist. As for me, I prefer online, it's more on my terms and less waiting around. Plus, Keshav's less likely to get antsy and Bruno won't give those puppy eyes for a walk.

So there you go, folks! A simple, practical guide to navigate your way through the process of obtaining an Indian Citizenship Certificate. Just remember, patience is key and hard work truly pays off, be it in citizenship or mastering the art of walking Bruno without him pulling a Houdini and freeing himself from the leash (truly an escapologist, that one!).

Until next time, remember - whenever you feel lost and confused, come back to this guide. Think of it as your treasure map towards Indian Citizenship. Happy journey!