Actress Malvi Malhotra, stabbed for rejecting wedding proposal, recounts the night of horror

Actress Malvi Malhotra, stabbed for rejecting wedding proposal, recounts the night of horror

New Delhi: Actress Malvi Malhotra, who was stabbed thrice by a person for turning down his wedding ceremony proposal, says that he wished to assault her face, however she one way or the other managed to guard herself. She was attacked by her stalker named Yogesh Mahipal Singh on Monday night in Mumbai. 

Malvi was returning dwelling from a restaurant when Yashpal, who was in a automotive, stopped her on the way in which and requested why she had discontinued speaking to him. An argument adopted between the 2, after which, he stabbed Malvi with a knife within the stomach and on each palms and fled. 

Recalling the incident, in an interview to ETimes, Malvi stated, “I was walking back home since my home is just 5 minutes away from that coffee shop. Suddenly, Yogesh came in a car and said that I should talk to him and why I was avoiding him. I told him to stop the tamasha. Instead, he got down from the car and stabbed me in my stomach. Next, he wanted to injure my face. I kept my hand on the face to avoid any injuries but his knife went deep into my right hand and wounded it badly.”

The ‘Udaan’ actress is at present being handled at a hospital in Mumbai and has undergone cosmetic surgery. 

Malvi Malhotra had met Yogesh Mahipal Singh thrice. She instructed the publication that she was “avoiding Yogesh” after their final assembly some months in the past in Ooty.

“It was our third meeting. I had met him on professional grounds twice before in January 2020, he said he wanted to cast me in a music video he was making. He has worked with many established actors from TV. At this third meeting, he told me that he loves me and wants to marry me. I politely told him that is not possible but we can still remain friends. After that, I refrained from meeting him,” Malvi stated. 

He had been bothering her always a lot to the extent that he began taking flowers to her constructing and ready there. 

“I had to clearly tell him to stop it. It was getting too much; once he waited for 10 hours outside my building,” Malvi defined. 

Meanwhile, Yogesh Mahipal Singh was on Tuesday evening traced to a hospital at Vasai within the neighbouring Palghar district by the Mumbai Police. 

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