Kavita Kaushik has returned to Bigg Boss 14 house.

Kavita Kaushik returns to Bigg Boss 14, had claimed those supporting Eijaz Khan were ‘trying to make a fool of audience’

Actor Kavita Kaushik, who returned to Salman Khan’s actuality present Bigg Boss 14 on Saturday after being kicked out after a 1-week keep, had earlier taken on Eijaz Khan and those that had supported him. Trolled immensely after her struggle with Eijaz Khan on the present, she had taken on former Bigg Boss contestants who had criticised her.

Kavita was additionally seen as one of many closest confidants of Eijaz on the present. However, after a number of days, she had a significant showdown with him over duties and guidelines of the Bigg Boss home and issues didn’t calm down until her exit the subsequent weekend. Many followers, in addition to a number of former Bigg Boss contestants together with VJ Andy, slammed Kavita for her struggle with the senior actor.

Insisting that she was not damage however shocked with the reactions on-line, Kavita instructed Times of India, “I was not hurt. In fact, I was shocked to see the reactions. I felt why didn’t any of them use their brain. I was not hurt at all because I know there are no friends, all of it is for Instagram and social media. Everyone is just trying to build their image and make a fool of the audience. Secondly, these are the same people who click 20 photos and post it everywhere when they do charity. They are the same people who don’t even know the name of their building watchman, they don’t even have the time to reply when the watchmen greet them. Their only aim in life is to wear designer clothes, wear makeup and look like a doll. They are only bothered about that. They are all fake from head to toe.”

Talking about Eijaz, she added, “Eijaz Khan’s real face has been exposed. How he is playing the victim card, using people and the girl who was so attached to him Pavitra (Punia) ran behind him to beat him up. So, all the people who were acting smart and were trying to get their two minutes of fame by using my name, now know Eijaz’s real face.”

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Talking about her equation with Eijaz, Kavita had instructed Hindustan Times in an earlier interview, “We have never been friends for us to be reconciled. I am tired of saying that we met three times after that show, Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Ka, which I did with him in 2005, in which I was replaced. He was the star. After that, I met him three times. Once, he came to the set of FIR. That too, I had not met him. He was watching the show and I was shooting, so we can’t even count that. Recently, I wanted to do something for dogs and someone told me Eijaz does things for dogs and he knows a dog shelter. So, one time, I met him at the dog shelter. There, he said that he is single. I asked him, ‘Are you seeing someone? Are you getting married?’ Just a general conversation.”

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