Kavita Kaushik got into an intense fight with Eijaz Khan on Bigg Boss 14.

Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik reveals what actually provoked fight with Eijaz Khan, says ‘he doesn’t need love, he needs chamchas’

Bigg Boss 14 wild card contestant Kavita Kaushik, probably the most promising contenders, was evicted from the present in only a week. Talking to Hindustan Times, she says that the eviction didn’t come as a complete shock. “Somewhere, I knew that I am someone who is more of a heart person and I am very real. In that house, one has to be very calculated, alert and even manipulative. You can’t have a real outburst. When you have a real outburst, anything that comes out of your mouth, one word here and there, can change the whole connotation of a sentence and can totally go against you and your game. It is not that I am shocked.”

Kavita, nevertheless, is ‘surprised’ that her confrontation with Eijaz Khan has been twisted into one thing else altogether. “The main thing that I was trying to convey has not reached the audience. The main thing that I was trying to convey was that Eijaz Khan does not need friends. He does not need love. He needs chamchas in the house and he just uses people to up his game. I was hurt. That is only what has backfired, that I was hurt. I shouldn’t have felt hurt, I should have been smart. I got emotional,” she says.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Kavita had instructed Bigg Boss 14 host Salman Khan that she cooked for Eijaz through the lockdown, which acquired numerous backlash on-line. Many felt that she was unsuitable to assist somebody after which ‘make a mockery’ of it.

Kavita clarifies, “This whole lockdown food nonsense that’s going on, it was very simple. I even said that I have done a show with him where I was replaced. He was the hero. He has done many shows in which he was the lead. He has done so much work. He is probably a bigger celebrity in terms of work than me. So, how is it that he is needy, which people have turned it around to mean? No, he is a single man. He did not have a cook or a sister or a wife or a lady friend who can cook for him. He can watch recipes on his phone and cook anything for himself. But the very fact that I thought, ‘arre, he’s alone because he’s single’, so I cooked for him. That was a gesture of saying that I was there and I’m even there for him in the house, but he does not need friends, he needs chamchas.”

“When I realised that he does not need my goodness and he is only calling me his friend so that I can be his chamcha in the house or I can be his support system in the house for him to up his game, that’s where I got hurt. And I said what I said which has been totally misinterpreted on social media. It’s laughable that people have not heard any of the other words that I have said. And the very fact that I counted the instances, how many times we have met does not mean that I was jataoing anything. This show is like that. One word here or there and somebody’s PR team gets activated and then that one line will be used against you,” she provides.


Kavita says that she has learnt an enormous life lesson from this complete episode. “The real thing that I was trying to convey is that he is not needy. It is actually the opposite of what people are making it out to be. He does not need anyone, he just needs chamchas, which is showing in the show. Did you watch Monday night’s episode? Basically, he wants an army that creates an image of him to be a King or whatever, and I did not want to be his chamcha. Out of 24 hours, they can only show 45 minutes, so the whole build-up of every time that he was trying to tell me to do this or do that or what he’s doing with the others… How he is telling Nikki (Tamboli) to wash his underwear. All these things, I would never do. When I realised that this is his game, I felt hurt and that was my outburst, which people didn’t understand. It’s okay, it’s a very big life lesson for me – don’t take people at face value. We might think that others need us, but we need to protect ourselves. The biggest kindness is to protect ourselves. This is what I’ve learned from this game,” she says.

While the viewers was proven a heated argument between Kavita and Eijaz, the precise provocation for it was ignored. The solely context given was a voiceover by Bigg Boss, saying that she misplaced her cool when he was attempting to implement guidelines because the captain of the home.

Kavita shares what actually drove her to the tipping level. “From the time that I stepped into the house, he kept telling me how to play the game for his benefit. Like, he told me how much he dislikes Rubina (Dilaik) and he told me that everyone else ganged up against him and he’s a victim. He started playing the victim card from the time that I entered the house. I genuinely thought that maybe these girls are acting snooty with him, so I formed an opinion. This is my mistake, that I played with my heart and believed him,” she says.

“That’s why my outburst came because I believed him. I believed when he said that Rubina is sidelining him and she’s being arrogant to him and they have put him in jail and everyone has isolated him. He made me feel like he’s a victim and he needs help and support in the house. If he was genuinely a friend, he would have said, ‘Kavita, you have also come into this game, you also have your eyes on the trophy. You play your game, you judge people by your own experiences. Why did he try to make me a part of his gang?’” she asks.

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According to Kavita, Eijaz repeatedly requested her to make use of her energy because the captain to deliver him out of the pink zone. “It kept playing in my head that maybe I’m responsible and I should bring him out. He kept looking at me like, ‘Arre, I know you from outside and I have said on stage that you are one of my friends.’ Zabardasti ka responsibility was on my shoulders. When I took him out of the red zone, I even said that it is not like I have spent any time with him outside to know what kind of a person he is. Of course, I know he is a senior actor and I respect that. That’s why I’m doing these gestures for him,” she says.

Kavita says her epiphany got here after Eijaz returned to the inexperienced zone. “I saw that he is doing everything for himself, for his image building. He wants to just create an image for himself, which takes him ahead in the game by using others and by making me also like a chamcha. He even told me, ‘Will you come and report to me and tell me if anyone is breaking the rules?’ I told him, ‘Hello, you are not my ustaad and I am not your chela!’ So many things like this happened and every time, I would try to tell him, ‘Hey, calm down. Look nice, smile. You look so stressed.’ He would tell me, ‘It’s your opinion. Keep your opinion to yourself.’”

It was solely when Eijaz tried to dictate how she ought to behave that she misplaced her cool, Kavita says. “There were so many of these instances that kept happening. I kept ignoring them till a certain point where he told me, ‘Hey, you are supposed to behave in front of others, in front of the whole house in a certain way with me.’ When he said that, that’s when I blew my lid. I could see that he was only trying to use me. And that was the outburst, which people have taken in such a wrong way. But honestly, that’s okay, that’s a very big life lesson for me. I also took him at face value. This experience has just made me smarter. Know who needs you for support and know who needs you to build up their own image. There is a huge difference,” she says.

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