Bengaluru violence: Over Rs 20 lakh gold stolen, property worth Rs 50 lakh damaged, alleges Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy in FIR

Bengaluru violence: Over Rs 20 lakh gold stolen, property worth Rs 50 lakh damaged, alleges Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy in FIR

Bengaluru: Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy whose home was ablaze in the course of the Bengaluru violence has claimed that over Rs 20 lakh price gold was stolen from his home and that Rs 50 lakh property was broken on the night time of August 11.

The two instances Congress MLA in a police grievance stated that whereas he alongside along with his household went to a temple, round 2000-3000 miscreants in a “well-planned manner” attacked his home and workplace.

He stated that the mob ransacked the constructing, burnt it and looted the property and jewels.

“Those miscreants completely destroyed the building. When I learnt about it and wanted to come back home, the policemen asked me not to come back in view of the disturbance in the area and to maintain law and order and peace,” stated Congress MLA within the police grievance filed on August 14.

He added, “On August 13, I went to my house in the police protection only to find my completely burnt house. I was so disturbed after this incident that I couldn’t lodge a complaint immediately.”

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He stated that the small print of the loss to his home and valuables included jewels as round Rs 20 lakh price 500 grams of gold was stolen.

Murthy stated that paperwork pertaining to his property, autos together with six Godrej almirahs, two computer systems, two laptops, one phone, and two tv units have been additionally burnt or looted. 

He claimed that the harm to his property is over Rs 50 lakhs and autos price Rs 20 lakh together with a Honda automobile, two Royal Enfield bikes, a Yamaha bike and a Bajaj scooter have been torched.

The Minister stated that the losses that his household suffered is over Rs Three crore. 

As per studies, it’s believed that the indignant mob targetted Srinivas Murthy’s home due to his nephew Naveen who had allegedly shared an insulting Facebook put up towards Prophet Mohammad which triggered the violence within the metropolis.

So far, greater than 250 individuals have been arrested in reference to the case.

Earlier on August 12, Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated that the state authorities will seize the properties of these indulged within the violence.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, Bommai stated, “We have come to a decision as per the Supreme Court order that when such riots take place and properties are damaged, the loss has to be recovered from those who have caused the damage.”

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