US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said China was getting all users’ personal, private, most intimate data though TikTok.

Banning TikTok takes a big tool away from Chinese surveillance work: US NSA

Banning cellular functions akin to TikTok by international locations like India takes an enormous software away from the surveillance work of China, a high White House official stated on Tuesday.

The Trump administration is “very seriously taking a look” at TikTok, WeChat and another apps popping out of China, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien instructed Fox News Radio in an interview.

“India has already banned those apps, as you know. And if they lose India and the United States, they lose some western European countries, that takes a big tool away from the espionage work or the surveillance work of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party),” he stated in response to a query on the hazards posed by apps like TikTok.

“The kids who are using TikTok — and it can be a lot of fun — but there are a lot of other social media platforms they could use. TikTok is getting facial recognition on you,” O’Brien stated.

“They are getting all of your personal, private data, your most intimate data. They are getting to know who your friends are, who your parents are. They can map all your relationships,” he added.

All the data goes straight to large tremendous computer systems within the cloud in China, O’Brien stated, including, “So China is going to know everything about you. They are going to have biometrics on you. You ought to be very careful regarding who you give such personal information to.” The Trump administration, he stated, is trying not simply at TikTok however at WeChat and another Chinese apps as effectively, as a result of the Chinese are veracious shoppers of America’s private information.

“They will either try and get you to give it to them for free through WeChat or TikTok — if they cannot get it that way, they will steal it,” O’Brien stated.

China, he stated, has hacked into Marriott and stolen the private information of tons of of thousands and thousands of individuals, together with their passport numbers.

“They have hacked into Experian and other credit rating agencies to get most intimate credit details. They have hacked into Anthem healthcare so that they can get medical details.

“So this is not just an advertiser trying to find out what you are interested in searching for on Google so they can sell you a different brand of car, this is a country that is looking to get every bit of personal, private information they can, so they know everything about you,” O’Brien stated.

“There are social credit scores in China. They give people scores based on how compliant they are with Communist Party dictates. They are going to be able to put social credit scores together on all Americans and everyone in the world soon because of artificial intelligence and super computing.

“We need to make sure that does not happen,” the US National Security Advisor stated.