Audi RS Q8 launched in India – Check price, features, pics and more

Audi RS Q8 launched in India – Check price, features, pics and more

New Delhi: German luxurious automotive producer Audi launched the all-new Audi RS Q8 in India on Thursday.

The Audi RS Q8 combines the facility of an RS mannequin with the class of a premium coupe and the power of an SUV. The Audi RS Q8 is priced from Rs 2.07 crore.

The Twin Turbo 4.0L TFSI within the new Audi RSQ8 delivers a superior RS expertise. It produces 800Nm torque between 2,200and 4,500 rpm. The automotive can zero to 100km/h in a super-fast 3.eight seconds. Optional Dynamic Package Plus takes the highest velocity to 305kph.

The turbocharged direct injection V8 produces a full-bodied and sporty V8 growl, and Audi’s Drive Select Dynamic Handling System allows you to regulate driving manners to your choice. The mild-hybrid system (MHEV) with a 48-volt essential on-board electrical system, combines with the stonking V8 and ensures most efficiency with excessive effectivity.

The Audi RS Q8 additionally options cylinder on demand (COD) expertise that turns off cylinders when energy wanted is lesser to avoid wasting gasoline. The automotive makes use of an ordinary eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox that sends energy to the everlasting all-wheel drive quattro system. The new Audi RS Q8 efficiently combines excellent sportiness and most on a regular basis usability.

As customary, the Audi RS Q8 boasts an All-wheel steering, RS roof spoiler, Audi’s Virtual cockpit, quattro with self locking differential, Sport Adaptive Air Suspension and a couple of RS modes for personalised drive settings.

The Audi RS Q8 additionally comes customary with large 58.42 cms (23”) 5 Y Spoke Diamond Turned alloys. Air Quality Package with 4 Zone local weather management can be customary.

As non-compulsory extras, the Audi RS Q8 affords a Black styling package deal with logos in black, panoramic sunroof, Head-up show, Matrix LED headlights, RS Sports exhaust, a B&O Advanced Sound system with 3D sound and RS dynamic package deal plus (Top velocity elevated to 305kph).


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