Atal Innovation Mission, NASSCOM launch ATL AI Step Up Module for school students

Atal Innovation Mission, NASSCOM launch ATL AI Step Up Module for school students

New Delhi: NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission in collaboration with NASSCOM on Friday (August 14) launched the ‘ATL AI Step Up Module’ for college kids on the eve of India’s Independence Day. The transfer is to drive AI schooling and innovation to the subsequent degree in colleges throughout the nation. The module is the subsequent step in bringing Artificial Intelligence to school rooms and is a successor to the AI Base module launched in February this 12 months, based on NITI Aayog.

After a profitable launch of a novel initiative to take Artificial Intelligence (AI) to colleges via ‘ATL AI Modules’ in February this 12 months, this module is the subsequent step in bringing AI to Indian school rooms. The module will present a complete set of studying it your self Advanced modules to those that want to develop their information base after changing into acquainted with the fundamentals of the AI self-discipline via the AI base module. 

With this new launch, via hands-on tasks and actions, the step-up module encourages a deeper understanding of AI which will be utilized in the actual world. The module is designed in a beautiful graphical method that’s understandable for all college students belonging to rural and concrete areas. 

The step-up module wants no earlier information and introduces the ideas to college students from the fundamentals utilizing interactive instruments and actions in order to maintain their consideration undivided, mentioned the Aayog, including “The objective of this module is to challenge students and create opportunities in the coming years making students the Changemakers and torchbearers of innovation.” 

Speaking on the significance of introducing AI to highschool college students, CEO NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant mentioned the AI step-up module is the way forward for this nation because it targets the youth which in itself is path-breaking. 

“Actually, this launch is on the very critical day as India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day and I am glad to announce on the eve of Independence Day this ATL AI step-up module by NITI Aayog through AIM for students of this nation. AI is really the future for our children and it is the truly unique endeavor by AIM and NASSCOM,” he mentioned. 

He urged younger India to take this chance positively and discover the module to create helpful options that will pave means for the nation to actually develop into Atmanirbhar Bharat.  

Speaking on the digital launch, Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission R Ramanan mentioned that this first-ever Industry authorities academia initiative has obtained an enormous response from college students by the introduction of a base module and now AIM, NITI Aayog and NASSCOM is proud to launch its step-up module. Inputs from main educational establishments together with IITs have contributed to the event of those modules. 

Ramanan additional mentioned, “The Base module was specifically devised considering students as young as 12 years of age, with absolutely no prior background of AI to ignite curiosity on AI in their young minds and to contribute to the ecosystem of innovation.  Step up module has been exquisitely designed and presented to involve young students across the country to induce inclusive learning and to empower youngsters of our country to create AI integrated innovations.” 

Sharing her views NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh mentioned, “The rapid advancement of technology, such as AI and Robotics, has penetrated all industries, including education. As the world gets transformed with innovation, it is hearting to see how the youth of our country are acquiring great fondness towards the digital method of studying and adopting Artificial Intelligence in it,” she asserted. 

She additional added that with the purpose of the introduction of digital literacy, coding, and computational pondering, these modules can empower younger individuals to meaningfully work together with AI-based applied sciences and bolster studying. Skills akin to logical pondering, vital pondering, and problem-solving abilities are going to be an important abilities for achievement in skilled life within the coming decade. 

The module has been created conserving the age group of its supposed viewers in thoughts in order that they are often simply understood by any particular person who has simply been uncovered to the thought of AI. 

The AI Step-Up module could be out there for all college students throughout the nation and might be accessed at  

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