At G20 Summit, PM Narendra Modi pitches for 'global index' for post-COVID-19 world

At G20 Summit, PM Narendra Modi pitches for ‘global index’ for post-COVID-19 world

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday pitched for a “new global index” for the post-COVID world, primarily based on which the grouping of the world’s 20 main economies can lay “foundation of a new world”.

The first day of the digital G20 summit, hosted by Saudi Arabia, had a key deal with the COVID1-9 disaster and the way the grouping can act collectively to collectively take care of it.

An official assertion by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) launch defined the 4 key components of the index–a “creation of a vast Talent Pool”, “ensuring that technology reaches all segments of the society”, “transparency in systems of governance” and “dealing with Mother Earth with a spirit of trusteeship”.

When it involves the expertise pool, PM Modi underscored the significance of “multi-skilling and re-skilling” which can “enhance the dignity of citizens but would make our citizens more resilient to face crises”. Largely his concept was a world that offers with “environment and nature” as “trustees rather than owners” whose “benchmark” could possibly be a Per Capita Carbon Footprint.

PM Modi termed the COVID-19 pandemic as an “important turning point in the history of humanity” and “the biggest challenge the world is facing since World War II” and referred to as for “decisive action by G20, not limited to economic recovery, jobs, and trade, but to focus on preserving planet earth”, the official launch added.

He additionally instructed an revolutionary concept that G20 ought to have a digital secretariat, given “work from anywhere” is a brand new regular amid the pandemic. G20 doesn’t have a everlasting secretariat and the nation that’s the host of the summit for the 12 months additionally holds that place. 

The 15th G20 Leaders’ Summit would proceed on Sunday and can culminate with the adoption of the Leaders’ Declaration. This is the 15th summit of the grouping that was fashioned after the 2008 monetary disaster.

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India will host the summit in 2022, and preparations have already begun for that. India enters the G20 Troika from December 1, together with Saudi Arabia when Italy will take over the Presidency of the G20.

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