Amid Govinda and Krushna Abhishek's feud, Kashmera Shah's post on motherhood goes viral

Amid Govinda and Krushna Abhishek’s feud, Kashmera Shah’s post on motherhood goes viral

New Delhi: Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek are as soon as once more that includes in headlines for his or her feud, which is now identified to all. Last week, Krushna Abhishek opted out of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for one episode as Govinda was the particular visitor, and days later, Govinda broke his silence on their severed ties. 

Now, amid all this, Krushna Abhishek’s spouse Kashmera Shah has shared a cryptic submit on motherhood, through which she wrote about “protecting her sons and never letting people use them for their personal agenda”. Kashmera and Krushna are dad and mom to sons Krishaang and Raayan.

Sharing a monochrome image of herself cradling considered one of her twin boys, Kashmera wrote, “Life does not come with an instruction guide but it comes with a mother and as a mother, it’s my job to protect you and make you my priority number one. As a mother, it’s my job to cause you no harm and keep your best interests at heart. As a mother my heart pains to see you in pain and I feel useless that I can’t take your pain away from you. However, I can take those things and people away that cause you that pain. As a mother, I promise to Never let people use You for their personal agenda. I promise to Never let them belittle your presence in my life. You will soon learn as you grow up that no matter how young one is Mighty People will Stoop at Nothing to Use you. But as long as I am Alive and even beyond that I will protect you from all selfishness of this world. Your Mother – Kashmera Shah.”

On Sunday, Govinda mentioned in an interview to TOI that “he has frequently been at the receiving end of Krushna and Kashmera’s defamatory comments and he doesn’t understand what they are gaining from all this.” 

“I am utterly sad to talk about this in public, but it is high time that the truth came out. I read the report about my nephew (Krushna Abhishek) not performing on a TV show as I was invited as a guest. He also spoke about our relationship. His statement had many defamatory comments and was thoughtless,” he added.

Live TV

The purpose for his or her severed ties is due to a now-deleted tweet by Krushna Abhishek’s spouse Kashmera Shah about “people who dance for money”. The tweet didn’t go down effectively with Sunita Ahuja. Later, Krushna mentioned that it wasn’t meant for Govinda and household, however was for his sister Aarti. 

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