70-year-old US woman carried COVID-19 for 105 days without any symptoms, finds study

70-year-old US woman carried COVID-19 for 105 days without any symptoms, finds study

A brand new case research has revealed {that a} blood most cancers affected person within the US carried the coronavirus virus for about 105 days, “and remained infectious for at least 70,” with out experiencing any signs of the lethal viral illness.

It is to be famous that majority of coronavirus contaminated affected person shed the pathogen for about eight days. The research revealed within the journal Cell mentioned that it is very important perceive how lengthy folks can stay actively contaminated with coronavirus because it supplies new particulars in regards to the virus.

“At the time we started this study, we really didn’t know much about the duration of virus shedding,” mentioned research senior writer Vincent Munster, a virologist on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within the US.

“As this virus continues to spread, more people with a range of immunosuppressing disorders will become infected, and it’s important to understand how SARS-CoV-2 behaves in these populations,” Munster added.

The research mentioned that the affected person from Washington acquired contaminated with coronavirus very early within the pandemic and was examined positive for the virus a number of instances over 105 days.

The researchers mentioned that the 71-year-old lady was immunocompromised resulting from persistent blood most cancers however she by no means confirmed any signs of COVID-19.

The researchers added that samples that had been frequently collected from the higher respiratory tract of the affected person discovered that coronavirus remained contained in the physique of the girl for at the very least 70 days after the primary positive test.

“This was something that we expected might happen, but it had never been reported before,” Munster mentioned.

According to researchers, the girl remained coronavirus positive for thus lengthy as a result of she had a compromised immune system which prevented her from mounting a response. The blood exams of the girl confirmed that her physique was by no means in a position to make antibodies.

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