Otis wins the Money in the Bank suitcase.

2020: The year of despair is the year of reckoning for WWE superstar Otis

This yr has seen a whole lot of distress for almost all of the inhabitants on earth with bushfires, lethal ailments, environmental adjustments, and ideological wars taking part in a dominant position within the first half of 2020. The novel coronavirus has introduced down international locations to its knees with thousands and thousands of individuals getting contaminated. 2020 hasn’t been form to many. However, there may be one wrestler who will bear in mind 2020 as a momentous yr.

The yr that everybody desires gone, is the yr Otis Dozovic will bear in mind without end.

He got here up from NXT as a part of the tag group Heavy Machinery and shortly captured the creativeness of the WWE Universe. Otis and Tucker had been the fan favourites however didn’t win any championships. However, Otis continued to entertain the viewers together with his peculiar charisma and distinctive wrestling expertise.

The storyline of Otis and Mandy Rose’s love story turned an enormous a part of WrestleMania 36. But the issues that shocked the followers and critics was his victory within the Money within the Bank ladder match. With this win, Otis firmly established himself within the WWE. He all the time had the assist of the followers and now he had the backing of Vince McMahon. So what are Otis’ ideas on 2020 changing into a yr of reckoning for him?

“It has been crazy. A rollercoaster ride. The biggest thing in wrestling is momentum and I just want to get the things rolling. If you would have told me in 2019 that Heavy Machinery’s Otis will get the opportunity to catch the briefcase, I wouldn’t have believed it. I was a rookie in the match and you don’t know what comes in at the match,” Otis instructed Hindustan Times in an unique interview.

“I always believe that the harder you keep punching, you are going to get something back. It could be 10 years or even tomorrow. Luck is also an important part of life, specially for a blue-collared solid man like myself.

My mentality has always been to get things done sooner rather than later in terms of work ethic. I don’t have a plan to how to cash it in but I am a good man. I am not going to do it as some people have done it in the past, like when wrestlers are down and out. I am going to do it when the guy is fresh.”

One of the most important weapons in Otis’ arsenal is the caterpillar. The WWE Universe erupts as quickly as Otis begins his transfer. He remembers how the ‘caterpillar’ began and when it caught on with the viewers.


“It started a long time ago with school dances. It was really hard for me to talk to girls. I was sitting there by myself during a school dance in 4th grade. I watched Scotty Too Hotty do the worm and he was one of my favourite. So I just made up my mind and did that move and the whole place went crazy.”

“Even as a small chubby kid, it was impressive for myself to do that move. Nowadays it plays as such a great tribute to Scotty and we cannot call it the worm any more as I am more plum than a worm. So I used to call it the caterpillar. The popularity was slow, nothing gets popular overnight. Earlier it was like what is he doing. But now it’s crazy. That is why I really miss the crowd.”

“Every time I do the big squisher and the guy falls, the place goes crazy. Fans keep showing us love and I can’t thank them enough for that. They give me the energy to do that at the end of the match, it picked up slowly like the character Otis. It is what is like being a professional wrestler. You do what is given and hope that the fans love what they see. I just being who I am and I am blessed to be in the position.”

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