1.7 lakh Twitter accounts suspended for spreading narratives in China's favour

1.7 lakh Twitter accounts suspended for spreading narratives in China’s favour

As many as 1.7 lakh accounts on the microblogging website Twitter had been suspended on Thursday for posting and sharing data which had been termed as misleading narratives that favoured the Chinese authorities.

These posts had been associated to the Hong kong protests and COVID-19 crises amongst different subjects and favoured the Communist Party of China, this as per consultants working with the social media firm in accordance with a report by CNN.

Twitter stated that these accounts had been “spreading geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China” and had been eliminated for violating the platform’s insurance policies on manipulation.

Twitter stated the suspended accounts tweeted predominantly in Chinese languages. Though, Twitter is formally blocked in China and other people entry the social media website through a VPN connection.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the targets of the marketing campaign had been Chinese nationals dwelling abroad and was accomplished in an effort to take advantage of their capability to increase the party-state`s affect.

Twitter stated it had recognized 23,750 accounts as a “highly engaged core network” that had been used to tweet content material favorable to China and an extra 150,000 accounts that had been used to amplify the content material, for instance, by retweeting content material posted by core accounts.

The 23,750 accounts collectively tweeted 348,608 instances, in accordance with the researchers at Stanford.

“Narratives around COVID praise China`s response to the virus while tweets also use the pandemic to antagonize the U.S. and Hong Kong activists,” stated Renee DiResta, analysis supervisor on the Stanford Internet Observatory.

In August 2019, Twitter had eliminated almost 1,000 accounts believed to be working inside mainland China for “deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong”.

The firm additionally introduced that it had shut down accounts tied to Russia and Turkey.

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