Akshay Kumar as producer didn't interfere during 'Durgamati': Bhumi Pednekar

Akshay Kumar as producer didn’t interfere during ‘Durgamati’: Bhumi Pednekar

Mumbai: Actress Bhumi Pednekar, who performs the titular function within the forthcoming horror movie ‘Durgamati: The Myth’, says Bollywood famous person Akshay Kumar, who’s a producer on the undertaking, by no means interfered whereas capturing was on.

“Akshay (Kumar) sir gives you a lot of freedom as an actor. The makers of this film thought that I could do it, so he (Akshay Kumar) never interfered in my performance. Of course, my director (G. Ashok) has supported me a lot. In this film, I completely surrendered myself to his vision,” Bhumi stated whereas interacting with IANS.

Bhumi performs an IAS officer within the movie, which tells the story of an harmless authorities officer who turns into the sufferer of a significant conspiracy involving highly effective forces.

“It’s a unique conspiracy thriller film. There are horror elements to keep the audience on the edge of their seats till the climax, and you can watch the film with friends and family. It’s not the regular, simple and slice-of-life film I generally do. I haven’t done a film in this genre,” she added.

“When I started working on this film, I knew that it would be difficult for me but I didn’t know that it would go beyond my expectations in terms of difficulty level. Now when I saw the audience reaction to the trailer and songs of the film I feel it’s been worth it,” the actress stated.

The movie additionally options Arshad Warsi, Mahie Gill, Karan Kapadia and Jisshu Sengupta in key roles, and is scheduled to launch on Amazon Prime Videos on December 11.

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